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Spitfire First Day Cover


A First Day Cover celebrating The 50th Anniversary of the first flight of the prototype Spitfire K505H on  5th March 1936 – published in 1986. 
The cover is wrapped in polythene for protection and then attached to a sheet of A4 paper that explains the event and the identity of the signature. This has then been placed within a further plastic folder. The plastic cover has signs of dust on it but the double wrapped protection has kept the actual FDC in excellent condition. 

The signature is from Sir Rex Hunt – A WWII Spitfire Pilot in the Battle of Britain and in later years the Governor of the Falkland Islands during the conflict with Argentina in 1982.

There is a second signature on the reverse of the envelope to certify authenticity.

Please contact us for a delivery quote or for collection from Winchester, Hampshire.

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