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Tri-ang Ocean Set

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A collection of 36 pieces from a number of Tri-Ang Minic Ocean Terminal sets combined with extra accessories and ships added – a couple of the early battleships are not Tri-Ang but are unbranded and earlier than the main set and made (I think) of lead.

This is your own 32 piece Ocean Terminal with dock sides, terminal buildings, a pier and dance hall, warehouse and fuel storage and a collection of liners including The Royal Yacht and accompanying Frigates and Battleships including HMS Swiftsure and RMS Caronia.

6x M827 Breakwater Straight
8x M836 Quay Straight
1x M837 Crane Unit Base
1x M838 Storage Tanks
1x M839 Customs Shed
1x M840 Warehouse
3x 841 Ocean Terminal
1x M847 Pier Straight
1x M849 Pier Head
1x 852 Pier Building

1x M701 RMS Caronia
1x M706 SS Neuw Amsterdam
1x M721 The Royal Yacht
1x M723 Isle of Guernsey
1x M761 HMS Sweetsure
1x M791 HMS Whitby
2x Unmarked WW! battleships (lead)

All the pieces are original vintage toys or accessories that are showing the usual signs of being play worn – whilst in good structural condition there are scratches, paint chips and possible missing pieces – this set is sold as found

Please contact us for a delivery quote or for collection from Winchester, Hampshire.

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